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Monday, January 20, 2014

The "I" litter take 2, has arrived!

Well not with out a little drama on Pete's part, the "I" litter, take 2, arrived on January 17th.  4 puppies, all black and white(oh boy was Alec unhappy).  1 girl, 3 boys.  No mismarks, fat, very fat and sassy already.  Pete's doing an awesome job, almost too good as it's hard to get her to leave them to eat or go outside.  More pictures to come.

Now for my public service announcement.  I've had a lot of people ask about these puppies.  Most important thing is that you won't get on any waiting list or even be considered for any placement of any of my dogs-retired, puppies, etc, until you fill out and return my questionnaire.  Then I'll check it out and then maybe your name gets added to a waiting list.
Even if you are on the waiting list, that's not a guarantee and nor do I ever guarantee I have anything available for anyone on the list.   If you are specific about what you want:  color, size, sex, markings, etc, it keeps moving you further and further down the list.
Once we do structural and temperament evaluations at 7-8 weeks, then I'll make decisions on what is available to who.

So, don't even think that I'll remember who you are if you send me a one line email-do you have any puppies available--and you never send the questionnaire back.  Nope, nada, ain't gonna happen.

Later gators...

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ah some down time

It's been a while and I am sorry.  Facebook and my smart phone are distracting.  But not much going on around here-dogs, work, poultry and horses.  I'll post some poultry news latter when I have the new computer up and running but in the meantime. ....

Litter pending January 17th
UKC/AKC Ch Foggy Bottom Wdrs I Aim To Misbehave CGC  x Ch Sumjammin I Want You! At FB

Super excited as this will bring our two lines together.
Expecting great performance prospects, awesome moving dogs and super temperaments. 
Blacks, all shades of brindles and oh maybe please a red?

Later gators...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The bestest of the best

She was so excited, not only on that weekend, but even more so when the pictures came.   
 A big thank you to Judge Sharon Ann Redmer.  She also gave Dove BOB that day and Mal was BOS in cardigans.   
Judge Lois Sosa, who didn't know she had taken BJIS the day before and told her, she was an easy pick for the win.   

The funny part about the weekend was that she went off to show, we hung around grooming chatting and stuff, not really noticing how long she was gone.  She just came back, no biggy, we remarked what took you so long and she produced from her folded up chair a big ribbon and said "THIS!".   Mal wasn't on his bestest behavior but he just loves to show, for just about anyone, especially his kids.  Yet another one of my dogs lost to them, sigh.  At least he saves the best cuddles for me.

Later gators...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Not much going on around here as of late.  It's fall so things are winding down, though we are getting ready for some winter stuff.  Such as building the new/replacement poultry building.  

Couple of weekends ago we road tripped it to Grinnell IA for the Iowa Kennel Club's fall shows.  It's the local UKC club and figured, what the heck, why not go?  We ended up getting Mal's UKC title and Kevin had a little fun in the NL puppy ring--how's a Best Puppy in Show fancy ya?   

He really is a cutie, totally spoiled and proved he is a comedian too.  Everyone now knows who Kevin is and we get asked how he's doing on a regular basis.

Off topic, or sort of off topic, how about another one of my wonderful observations?

Something that is happening shortly, has made me sit back and reflect.  It's not something I take lightly by any means, but the ending(though I hope it really is a great beginning), made me really acknowledge, how very important it is to make your own decisions about people.  Though you might consider someone a friend and value their opinion, it’s important to get to know both sides of the equation.   Knowing what I know now, I’m seriously wondering how much of a “friend” they really are.   I’m happy with my outcome and not at all surprised by what they did, or do or will do/say anymore.  I pray that someday they can also be happy by simply being honest.  Stretched truths are simply just lies and playing the game just to be the “in” person will eventually bite you in the hiney.

Oh I like the way that sounded, hiney, wonder how many times I can use that word today?   Anyhow, we'll now return you to your regularly scheduled about a shot of coonhound cuddling with the hubby?

Later gators...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Too cute for words....

So they are 3 mos old, 12 weeks, 84 days, really does it matter, they are just too darn cute for words.  They are starting to scatter to the far reaches of the earth.  Okay, Wisconsin, but it's still far away.   Beckett is now Etta and training to be a show girl with Pam, Arlo, Leonard, Ike and Brian.  Castle is now Duff or the Duffinator in WI also, attempting to stay dry and dreams of being a show dog just like his daddy, just needs a purple set of pj's now.  
Alexis is headed to VA with her momma, back home to human mom Karen. 
Jenny, well, that's a surprise :)
That means that Martha is hanging out here as well as this cutie....yes, it's Kevin.  Again.  He's not spoiled at all, nope, nada. 

That leaves Ms Lannie who seeks a loving home with a faithful family to charm and spoil her rotten.  Oh did I mention she's an atttention whore? 
Later gators...

Monday, August 5, 2013

My babies...all grown up!

Sigh, my babies are all growing up!  Worst is that the youngest is headed into her sophmore year of high school!  

Photo from Chris West from the weekend of dog shows-the boys in action.  Malcolm is now being handled by Alec and working on his grand championship.  This weekend they got his competition wins checked off the list.  Now for the majors. 

Later gators....

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It's been a fast and furious July, the reason for not so many posts and updates.  I'm still up to my armpits in tenants, updates and accounting, so for today I thought you might enjoy some Eddlets updates.  Still not idea who is going where, other than......the two blue puppies are spoken for and both heading to show homes up in WI!!!!   Oh and forgot, the b/w boy Kevin, is staying here for Meredith to spoil.

 Beckett aka Etta
 Castle, er Nathan?
 Castle, again-having slayed the evil purple dinosaur.
 Martha-so not a good photo, she was very uncooperative, but more so then Kevin
 And here's how Kevin cooperated
 And more Kevin not cooperating
 Ah, at last, this is where I belong.
 Lannie and Kevin in charge of the crate
 Lannie, Kevin and Alexis--isn't Kevin just too cute???
 Hum, lots of cute photos of Kevin and Castle????
Later gators...